Risq Resolution
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Regulation Innovation Safety Quality

With regulatory requirements impacting businesses at the National (Food Standards Australia New Zealand) and the state (Dairy Food Safety Victoria) levels, it is vital that businesses understand what options they have, and how to achieve customer acceptance & regulatory compliance.

Emerging food safety hazards develop from time to time and need to be factored into a business' outlook and safety management plan.

The changing face of customer expectations means that businesses need to have a greater understanding of what can affect a product's quality. Whether it is microbiological, chemical or physical, all of these issues should be addressed through the Food Safety Program.

RISQ  Resolution

is focussed on assisting the dairy and food industries to remain ahead of risks through providing:

 - an understanding on regulatory requirements

 - innovation and product development assistance

 - management on the emergence of food safety issues

 - ongoing knowledge of issues affecting quality.

Risq Resolution