“Doug Eddy is one of the early adapters of risk analysis techniques for food safety especially in the dairy industry, where he has few peers when it comes to understanding all aspects of the industry.  Because of the depth of his experience and his innovative approach to food safety he was invited to join a joint University of Maryland and US FDA collaborative food defense research project where Doug became a key contributor.  His knowledge and valuable research on the vulnerabilities of the dairy industry in Australia and New Zealand to intentional contamination.  I regard Doug as one of the international food safety community’s leaders in the use of risk analysis and food defense techniques.


January 2013″

– Dr Charlie Yoe

Dr Charlie Yoe

Dr Charlie Yoe is a professor of economics at Notre Dame of Maryland University in the USA. He has worked extensively as a risk analyst in a wide range of areas such as food safety, international trade and natural disasters. Privately, he is also a consultant and trainer for the Joint Institute for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition (JIFSAN) in risk analysis.

“For the past 25 years I have worked with Doug on dairy industry projects with particular emphasis on product develop of dairy fats, oil blends, proteins and lactose. Doug’s work on dairy food safety projects has also been cutting edge.

I value Doug’s ability to translate opportunities for fundamental science in terms of practical outcomes for end users in real life situations. This ability drives true innovation in increased functionality and processing efficiencies.

Doug is respected for his ability to link dairy people at all parts of the $12bn value chain. In particular his leadership of the Federal Executive of the Dairy Industry Association of Australia is noteworthy.”

Paul Ford 

Former Chief Executive 

Geoffrey Gardiner Dairy Foundation